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Pro-lifers? respond to this video?

i can honestly say that up until now i have been pro-life. but then i watched TheAmazingAtheist's video on abortion and it really has my eyes opened.

he reads a letter sent to him about a boy who became an orphan because his unmarried mom developed aids before she had him and thus he contracted HIV when he was born. The boy became an orphan and developed cancer. he then died at the age 4.

had the child been aborted it would have simply never had the pain and intense suffering. i believe that a 4 year life full of pain, suffering, and loneliness is worse than never living at all. I still stand by all of my other pro-life views (human at conception, never abort the baby in cases of rape and teenage pregnancy, etc). but this has me wondering.

please, only answer if you are knowledgeable on the subject. and i would like to hear an answer from an atheist point of view if possible.


i completely agree. "the one exception does not justify tens of millions." that is completely true. but i would like an answer to the case in the video specifically, if this case in in fact just for abortion in no way does it make abortion OK for every other case.

<<i believe that a 4 year life full of pain, suffering, and loneliness is worse than never living at all. >>

That's a rather subjective statement, don't you think? Maybe you (or the guy who wrote the letter) should have asked the child if he wishes he were better off dead? Other people are not qualified to make a blanket statement like that.
From the description in the video, it would appear that the child's life was not ALL pain. He was described as being a very sweet child. God had a purpose for even that child's life - which was to touch someone else's life, even if his was short.
We ALL suffer pain in this life. It is the result of sin - sometimes our own sin, sometimes (as in this child's case) the sins of others. I have a mother-in-law who has a very severe case of Fibromyalgia, but she doesn't wish she were dead, or that she had been aborted. It's usually the people who are NOT suffering from someone's disease who are the first to suggest that that person should never have been born, when they're not the one who has to live with it; and the people who DO have to live with it handle it well.
It sounds like this little boy handled his illness well, and God was merciful in not allowing him to suffer long. God doesn't give us any more tribulation than we can handle at one time.
Also, how could one know before the child was born that it would have HIV? Not ALL babies born to HIV positive mothers are themselves HIV positive. Plus, today there are drugs that help keep a person's HIV from becoming AIDS. It is not known from this video if such drugs were administered to this child, but it doesn't sound like they were.
In any case, humans have no right to "play God" and determine "who should live and who should die". They can't see the future for that person. They only make sweeping generalizations that they have no business making when it comes to a person's life. Let God control that person's life and death - not you.

Don't call them "pro-life." They aren't. They're fine with killing people in the Middle East. They're fine with killing doctors. They're fine with the death penalty. They're fine with killing the women to whom these fetuses are attached.

Call them what they are. Anti-choice.

To the first answer: do you really think if people could provide for the baby and give it a good life (this requires for them to have a good life) that they would abort it? You think anyone that doesn't share your opinion is a scumbag. Open your eyes.

Man, I love that guy.

I had my child back when I was 19 and a single mom. It was a frightening and hard experience but I have since adjusted to it and if I had the choice, I wouldn't 'not' get pregnant/have my son.
But, I see news stories all the time about how some girl gets pregnant and either she, or some loser bf, end up beating the child. To death or some horrific physical state. I definitely do not believe getting pregnant turns some girl into a financially, emotionally or mentally competant parent.
I disagree when life begins (even Genesis says God BREATHED LIFE into Adam and the lungs are one of the last things to develop) but I definitely agree that if a person can't take care of/handle another human (or one w/'special needs'), they really shouldn't be given that position. A child should be a blessing...not as a 'punishment' or some idiotic attempt at trying to make a person 'grow up'.

Absolutely ridiculous reasoning. No one has a crystal ball. No one can know what kind of life lies in front of a person, especially when that person is only an embryo. Should we go ahead and kill you and TheAmazingAtheist now because tomorrow either of you could get hit by a bus and be permanently paralyzed from the neck down?

>>i would like to hear an answer from an atheist point of view if possible.<<

Read this from a pro-choice atheist:;...

One exception to the rule does not justify abortion by the tens of millions now does it?

Wtf is an "AmazingAtheist"? lmao....

EDIT: Cassie, you're ignorant. A lot of us DON'T support war in the middle east. Grow up child and stop stereotyping

EDIT: Sam G: "You think anyone that doesn't share your opinion is a scumbag." Umm, where exactly did I say that?

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