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Can someone live with HIV for 9 years without taking Meds?

Can someone live with HIV for 9 years without taking Meds?


Yes, and longer. But you have to devote your heart and body to healthy living. I know someone who has had it over ten yrs (not exactly sure how long but I know at least ten) But he does yoga, runs, bikes, vegan raw diet.. I mean just devotes himself to his body and health.

Yes! Check out This site is amazing with stories and testimonials from people that have done it. You can even e-mail some of the people. Give it a try; hope it helps you. God bless!

depends on the person and their circumstances and what the doctor who moniters their viral loads and cd4 counts has to say

Yes! Some people go there entire lives having HIV and never even knew they had it! They find it after they die! I find it crazy!

Yes, I have a friend that is HIV+ for 23 years and never has taken anything.

Yes, my brother-in-law lived 20 years. Some people who got it in the 80's are still alive. Many do not use meds.

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