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White fungus on the head of my penis and red rash?

i developed a white kind of fungus that has a distinct foul odor.ive had it since i was a child but never thought much of it.i need to know if its true that because i am uncircumsised that what is causing the issue.i heard that you can just clean every now and then but it still comes back.i dont wanna live like that.i want it gone forever because im embaressed in bed.if i get circumsised will it go away.and can a 15 yr old get circumcised?............................... i had unprotected sex with a girls vagina and a day later a became really ill,sore throat and bad cold.and noticed a red rash at tip of the head of my it herpes or some type of disease or hiv/aids?and how do i treat it.?thank you

That could be so many different things. The white fungus is it like a liquid or just formed on the skin? If it is coming out of the head of the penis it could be a yeast infection, which can be treated with medicine, or because you had sex it could possibly be Chlamydia, which produces discharge, again this can be treated with medication. The last thing I can think of is herpes, because of the red bumps. Herpes can also cause flu like symptoms such as a sore throat or fever. This can NOT be treated you live with the virus forever and can pass it on to others. There is a medicine you can take to shorten the break out, but you should definitely see a doctor to be sure. Also STOP having sex!!! If you do have any of these things you can pass them to someone else...when you are finished getting checked by a Dr and treated ALWAYS use a condom!!!!

I wanted to add to ease your could just be irritation from the fore skin. Be sure when you wash yourself you clean the outside of the skin, and then pull the skin back and clean under it. When you see your Dr. be sure to ask on the proper way to clean yourself and prevent irritation.

Son, you seriously need to go see a doctor, now!

Sounds like a yeast infection. Go to the doctor and get some meds, you'll be fine.

Prolly a STD dude, you're 15 and having sex? Thats not right, Don't have sex at that age, go get checked out

Go and see your doctor immediately! He will have seen this before so there is no need to be shy. This is the only way to get your problem sorted out! Don't be shy!

Dude , go to a Doctor

You took the time to type this out!? Seriously!? Get your *** into the doc! ASAP!

go to a doctor. and your only 15. you shouldnt be having sex especially not unprotected sex.

Go get tested for Stds. That girl gave you something.

you probably have a yeast infection. talk to your doctor and he/she can treat you. from now on i'd say to only have protected sex. uncircumsized penises are prone to infection much more frequently. go get checked out and keep it clean in the meantime.


Sounds like more than just normal irritation from a foreskin. You need to get checked out at your Dr. Ask him about getting circumcised if you're interested. No reason why it's too late, and it's really pretty minor surgery.

Don't lestin to any advices here, and see a doctor. No one can diagnose it without examination. and sooner is better.

Clean it everytime you get a bath, try pushing back the thin layer of skin that is over your penis' head and cleaning there with soap and water everytime you get a bath. Yes, a 15 yrs old can get circumsized. If your troubles continue, go to a doctor.

Eww lol...why why why? Well, use in saying condom anymore but why have you not gone to the doctor? You need to go now before it gets bad and you have to chop chop. Never let things like that go without medical attention....time is of the essence in a lot of cases and this is certainly one...Go now. hope you get your knob fixed.

go to a Dr.!!! Don't mess around!! Do you wanna have kids someday? GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can go anonymously so the Dr. does not tell your parents. Find out at Family Planning. GO NOW!!!!!!!

It sounds like a yeast infection to me also. But it is not aids, aids takes a long time before you can tell. You really do need to see a doctor. But also you can get circumcised at any age. The men in the bible did it at a much older age then you. If you do you will be very sore for a while but I think the good will out way the soreness you will have to go through. You should never have any kind of fungus. So you really really have to go in and take care of this. If getting circumcised will stop that then what would stop you from going through with it.
Any nice girl is not going to want to be with a man or marry a man who has fungus almost all the time. You will be ok, you just need some meds to get well.

stop worrying and start fixing. sounds 100% like a yeast infection. you can get creams to fix it, but also wjhat will help is to pull back thew foreskin and wash it with cold water every few hours, do that for a few days and it will clear up. yeast neast warm sweaty areas to breed, make sure you only wear cotton underwear as it allows the skin to breathe better. the bottom line is keep your dick clean, always

It only takes one time with the "right" person to get AIDS...don't ever forget that.

start using condoms especially if you know you have white fungus. im sorry but this really pisses me off people who arent sure they have stds or whatever or people who know they do and have unprotected sex ?! go to the doctors. sucks for you and yes you can get circumsized but its going to hurt like a *****

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