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How long can hiv infected semen blood etc, stay live outside human body?

how long can any infectious disease stay alive outside body and cna it be contracted by touching keyboard etc.

Once a body fluid dries, it is no longer a good medium for the virus to live in, and it will begin to die. Some infectious diseases can live for long periods on dry places (like a phone or keyboard). Bacteria that produces spores are a good example. Spores can often live for long periods in conditions that the bacteria itself wouldn't.


Most diseases die as soon as they hit the air. They can't live outside the body. However I imagine there are some that can live outside the body. Not really sure how to answer this

It lasts about 2 hours and can't be passed via touching a keyboard. You could probably even get a little (read: a little) in or around your mouth and it wouldn't affect you. The only things you need to worry about are sores, cuts, or scrapes on areas that might be exposed. THAT will get you infected lickety-split, no ****. Viruses are notoriously bad at staying alive outside of their environment.

However, "diseases" do not "die as soon as they hit the air", which is the stupidest comment I've ever heard in my life. If they did, things like Strep Throat wouldn't exist, because the constant exposure to air would kill them. They also do not die when the fluid dries up, because it often persists at a molecular level until its proteins are denatured by temperature differentials. Don't listen to these idiots.

Bacteria, in contrast to viruses, tend to be much more hardy, and can live anywhere from hours to years outside of their normal hosts. Wash hands, use a condom, stay in school, drink your milk.

HIV can't be contracted from semen outside the body.
Even eating semen can't transmit HIV.

Doctor says:

OK, let's suspend reality for a moment and assume your chef's salad had some "chef juice" in it. And let's assume the chef was HIV-positive and you accidentally munched down some of his boy batter. What's the risk of contracting HIV? Essentially non-existent. HIV does not live long out of the body.

not very long

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