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Is it possible to survive with hiv without taking any medications?

If someone is HIV positive, is it possible to live without ever knowing it?

Everyone's body is different. Also, some strains of the virus are more virulent (stronger) than others. Plus, some strains of the virus are resistant to some of the medications.

Some people contract the virus and live for 20 years without medication.
Some people contract the virus and fall seriously ill within a few years, even with medicine.

Most people fall somewhere between the two extremes. Usually people who are positive work with a doctor to determine if they should take meds and how to stay as healthy as possible.

As a final note, HIV has a long "asymptomatic" stage where an infected person feels completely fine and doesn't show any signs of the disease. However, they still have it. It is still inside them doing damage to their immune system. And they can still give it to someone else.
When the body starts to show symptoms, that is a sign that the immune system is starting to fail.
The main reason people take meds is so their immune systems can hold out against the virus longer.

Yes it is possible, but what kills you is the fact that your body can no longer fight off sicknesses that people without Aids has. Common Cold, Flu, Infections, anything you would need an immunization for. Everyone hears AIDS and they freak out. All it is is a break down of the immune system. have you ever heard of the boy in a bubble? People that have to live in a bubble have no immune systems. Anything they catch could kill them. If you keep yourself healthy, and free of sickness then you will live very long. Don't quote me though. My opinion

If someone is infected with HIV, the signs and symptoms take a very long time to appear. So if you suspect HIV,immediately see a doctor and do a test. The test is called as the ELISA test. You cannot live the same normal life, as you were living, before contracting. The HIV virus,will destroy the immune system, making you prone to infections. These are called as the Opportunistic infections. By taking medications, you can lead your full life span. But remember, the medications are very expensive. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

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