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Were you aware that the USA does not permit HIV+ tourists to travel into the United States?

This policy is shared by the United States with Russia, China and many Arab countries but with 1 million HIV+ US citizens already living in the US does this policy make any sense?

I was not aware of that.
I can understand not wanting to possibly spread a disease as motivation for not permitting tourists to come here, but because we know how it is transmitted I don't think it makes sense. Maybe the policy is older and we didn't understand the disease as well when the policy was implemented?

Yes and yes.

Repeal on HIV travel ban headed to Senate floor

No - it really makes no sense to me. I wonder, though, how they check. Are they required to submit to an HIV test before they can get a VISA? Seems to me this would be a very hard thing to enforce but I really don't know.

You said tourists, so yes, makes sense. Citizens we must deal with because they are already here.

True and HIV + inmates can not qualify for work release projects either.

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