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How has Magic Johnson being able to live for the past 17 years with hiv, and for it to not progress to?

aids? I know he has tons of money and can afford great health care. But 17 years, wow, that's a long time. When he first contracted hiv, everyone thought it would be a death sentence, but he seems to be living normally. He's 48 now. Has the hiv gone away in his body or something?

Anti-retroviral drug therapy can keep HIV levels suppressed in the body for many years. The virus is still there, but the levels are so low that it doesn't cause any symptoms. Many people with HIV (not just Magic Johnson) can have an almost normal life expectancy with medication. How quickly HIV progresses to AIDS (and eventually death) depends on several factors, including the strain of virus, whether or not it mutates, the anti-retroviral treatment regimen the person is taking, and how consistently they take their medications.

No it hasn't gone away. He probably just started ARV's (anti retrovirals) and started living a very healthy life.

He's rich.
He has a lot of people monitoring him/it.
It's really not normal...he's just really lucky I guess. :P

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