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How long dose someone with hiv live? can you still live a full life?

How long dose someone with hiv live? can you still live a full life?

Life expectancy is relative to where you live. In the US where we expect to live in our 80s it is not likely that an HIV infected individual will reach that mark - but they could very well make it to 50 and beyond. It really depends on how early a person is diagnosed. If a person is diagnosed as carrying the HIV virus and starts drug therapy they can successfully reduce the viral load and prevent getting AIDS for a considerable length of time. Even those with AIDS can live for quite a few years as long as each infection is treated aggressively.

I would like to add, that for me it has not been hard to live a normal life, but for most people it is very hard to live a normal life. Report It

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There is NO set time for that.. You(one) can have the HIV virus and have it for the rest of their life ... or they can have it for another 3 weeks or 10 years and then the full blown AIDS takes over.. it cannot be foretold as to when a person will die from this disease.

A perso usually finds out if he/she has HIV after 5-6 years of actually being infected by the virus. After the symptoms start showing, then the disease has gone to a very far stage, and a person probably only has a year (?) to live, if not less. There are some very expensive treatments (not cures) that actually encase the infected cells so that they can't affect surrounding areas and increase, but even these are not really good treatments.

HIV is a very serious disease, and it's hard to live a normal life after discovering you have it.

the last i heard, it takes an average of 10 years before people develop AIDS and start getting really sick, but then it doesn't take very long. but, there are a small percentage, very small, of people who live with HIV but it never converts to AIDS. they have a rare genetic makeup that prevents HIV from taking over.

People with untreated HIV/AIDs tend to live for 10-12 years. However, people with treated HIV can live for much longer than that. There are people who were infected in the 1980s who are still fine.

Young gay males live 8 to 20 years less than hetrosexuals. Not just do to hiv. I'll leave it up to you whether you its true or not.

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