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Can people with HIV/AIDS work in the medical field as a nurse?

I am doing research on a paper that I am writing for class. I want to know how it is living with HIV/AIDS.

Yes people with HIV/AIDS can work as nurse's, doctors, or anything else associated with a hospital. Anyone who wants to enter into the medical field is taught to use universal precautions. Universal precautions are infection control guidelines designed to protect workers from exposure to diseases spread by blood and certain body fluids.

The Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, Health Canada and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have developed the strategy of "Universal Precautions" to prevent contact with patient blood and body fluids. Universal precautions stress that all patients should be assumed to be infectious for blood-borne diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B. They have to assume that every patient is infected, and have to use all kinds of safety guidelines: gloves, proper discarding of sharps and needles, masks. People are so afraid of persons who have HIV/aids because they don't want to be infected with the virus, but people without the virus are more of a danger to them then they realize. Working in a hospital is more of a risk to them because of the diseases like the common cold, flu, and other immune attacking viruses. I commend them for working in hospitals because they put themselves at more risk of getting sick. As long as they use their universal precautions there is no way they can spread their disease to anyone else.

It is not advisable because while administering injections & intravenous drips, the nurse can accidentally get own finger pierced which could result in transfer of infection 2 the patient.

If you are a medical professional,you obviously take standard precaution regardless of the patient you care for.If, you come to know that someone has any blood borne disease,you will be more vigilant in your practice.
Likewise, why can`t we care our patient with the same precaution even if, we have HIV/AIDS?I do agree the risk in it.
Recently, a huge outbreak of MRSA attracted everyone concern in a large Intensive care setting. According to the advise of the Infection control team,every patient and staff of the particular unit had been screened for MRSA. The results have shown that few of the staff carried MRSA.Now, what is your conclusion?Whom to blame?The infected staff were given medical leave and allowed to return to their work after they have been cleared of the infection.
The problem comes only when, the patient became aware of your status that you have got HIV.You may honestly declare to your patient but, you are not certain what you get in return.But, having said that, you would not declare all your personal and confidential matter to your patient prior looking after them.Neither, it is mandatory for you nor for your patient.
Caring patients will also be a problematic if, you started to show up debilitating symptoms of AIDS.In this stage,I would not recommend anyone to care for their patients.Because, in this stage, they them self need lot of care.
Stopping people with HIV/AIDS,from work in my opinion ,is the way of discriminating against them.They can be permitted to work as long as they are physically and mentally healthy.Support from the peer and employer is mandatory.When, you accept drug addicts,physically handicapped, people with learning disability into the medical field, why not a HIV nurse or doctor?.
This require a sensitive decision.

I dont see why not but should let the hospital know that you are sick. but I dont why should not be able to work, all you have to do is take precaution just like person that is not sick.

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