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Who has lived the longest with HIV/AIDS?

How many years? I have heard that some people have lived over 20 years. Is this true? Does anyone know anybody who has lived with HIV for this long?

MANY have lived much more than 20 years. Many have died much sooner than that. This link should help you with your questions.

You can live afully complete life with HIV. Its teh Aids thats gets ya. With HIV you need to be smart, live healthy and be on the right drugs.

Yes! My sister was diagnosed as HIV+ in 1987. She developed full blown AIDS in 1994--she is doing just fine!!! You have to take your drug cocktails RELIGIOUSLY and exercise and eat well. Most importantly (aside from the drugs) is to develop a POSITIVE attitude. It may sound like bunk, but it really helps you stay healthy. Good luck to whomever you are asking this question for. HIV/AIDS really does not mean that your life is over. Remember--you are LIVING WITH AIDS, not dying of AIDS!!!

My uncle has had it over 20 years. He had HIV w/o knowing it for 12 years...he had full blown AIDS by the time he started the cocktail, but it took his levels down to barely detectable.

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