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Who are some famous people living with HIV/AIDS?

Who are some famous people living with HIV/AIDS?

The most famous is Magic Johnson.

According to Wikipedia, a whole pile of people!

Magic Jhonson

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  • Who is th netball star living with HIV and his country of birth?

    Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. (born August 14, 1959 in Lansing, Michigan), nicknamed Magic, is a retired American National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bef...

  • Who can cure people living with HIV/AID?

    at the moment nobody can cure them but there are drugs available for people with HIV to slow down it's development into AIDS and so prolong their lives. some people can live with HIV for a few...

  • Why are more people living with HIV|AIDS in Africa than any else in the wlord?

    A very complicated answer indeed. Here are a few of my thoughts on why we still have such a problem in Africa with HIV/AIDS 1) Lack of education- We aren't really trying. In many parts of t...

  • Do you know anybody living with HIV or AIDS?

    Nope... but I know someone that died from it.

  • How many children are living with HIV/AIDS in South Korea?

    Probably less than 10,000.

  • In USA, People are living with HIV have the right to work in NGOs or private company?

    It depend on. I think these people should have the right to work in NGOs or private company. But the fact is not so. Only few private company employ the people who are living with HIV. I meet many...

  • 1. Do people living with HIV can work with NGOs or private companies in Cambodia?

    There are people with HIV working in Cambodia. Most international NGOs will employ HIV positive workers from other countries. However, some countries have restrictions regarding people with HIV ent...

  • I need to find out about children living wiyh hiv.?

    You pedophile.


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