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Does anyone know how sleeping pills bought from a drug store work, not prescritpion sleeping pills?

from the doctor, but just ones in a box from like a regular drug store. How do they make you sleep? What do they effect in the body to achieve the affect of inducing sleep? Are they much different than something prescribed from a doctor? Are either types of pills dangerous? Are there any natural alternatives as sleeping aids? thanks

You ask, "Does anyone know . . . ?"

The answer to that question, whether ANYONE KNOWS, is certainly there must be someone out there who knows.

But is that what you really were asking about?

Maybe you wished to determine HOW MANY people know?

Over the counter sleep aides work well. Here's a bit of a hint though - Allergy pills and sleep pills have the same active ingredient called Diphenhydramine. I have found that often the store brand allergy pills cost less than the sleep pills even though they have the same active ingredient.

Good Night!

I do. Call me tomorrow.

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