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Why is there red spots at the rim of my penis??

i juz have un-protected sex a week ago.. After tat my penis began to itch.. now there is a bit of redish spots on it.. Is there a risk tat i get HIV?? Or it's juz some normal infection?? I'm also down with cough, Flu and sore throat for days already..

Is there any test kit for HIV?? I'm shy to see a Doc

uh,oh go to the clinic

You should get it checked out by a doctor ASAP

infection get treatment soon

if your worried, then go to the doctor for the cold and then ask about the penis problem.

I don't think you have hiv that fast if thats the case. But, If your worried about it. Go to you doctor. I wouldn't take any chances.

If the woman you foolishly dipped your wick into had a yeast infection, then there's a strong chance that you have one, too. If she had herpes, then you may have that for the rest of your life.
It's time to fess up to your physician & have it checked out.

sounds like a gift that keeps on giving.

sounds like the herpies in that region, plus a head cold

The first signs of herpes is fever blisters in the affected area, headache and severe sore throat. Sounds like you have it. Don't forget to inform future partners about it.

Could be any number of things, but is most likely an STD. Sounds like it could be herpes, which is treatable but not curable. And, yes, though this is not a symptom of HIV, you are at risk. There are at-home test kits, but you really do need to see a doctor. You're gonna have to overcome that shyness, because there is something amiss with your health that needs attention. At home kits are expensive and you often have to wait a while before a test will detect the HIV virus. Had you gone the next day, you could have taken anti-virals that would've made it less likely that you would contract the disease if you have indeed been exposed to it. Please please please go see a doctor, and in the meantime, be honest with anyone you have sex with. Either use a condom (which will not always protect against herpes or HPV), or practice abstinence until you are diagnosed.

It's called jock-rot.


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