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Chronic diarrhea!!! My husband and I had anal sex (out of his constant begging) 5 months ago. Could I have HIV?

I already asked if he had HIV based on his thinning hair, rashes on his abdomen, chest, arms and back; rapid weight loss, etc. I recently found out that he has been having sex with other I caught trichomonasis...which comes mainly from heterosexual that means that he has been cheating with women and men...we are separated now...but had anal sex 5 months ago. Now I have chronic diahrrea. I have had it for over 2 1/2 months now. I am going to ask my doctor about it...but could I have HIV?

First of all, symptoms cannot be indicators for HIV infection as they could be well related to other medical conditions. So you cannot rely on symptoms to tell if you are infected or not. You have to get tested.

Risk of contracting HIV from a single episode of unprotected anal sex is estimated around 1 in 100. It is the riskiest activity in terms of HIV (riskier than vaginal sex). But the chance is still low for single episode.

I gave you this to give you a peace of mind. I am not saying you were not at risk. I am just saying the risk for single episode is low.

Also you do not know if your husband was infected or not. Most people are not specially if you live in north america.

Go get tested now. Your test is going to be conclusive. When you get your negative result, put this incident behind you and move on with you life. Remember to always use condoms when you do not know the status of your partner.

Good luck. keep us posted.

if he has HIV and has unprotected sex with u u could have HIV.. lots of ifs though.. diarrhoeas caused by many reasons go and get a check up and put ur mind at rest

To soon to tell, HIV doesn't even appear on a test for 6 months, and symptoms come later.

first of all why are you with this guy if hes so dirty?
second..go to your doctor asap to see whats going on.
third. never have sex with him again

try to go get a check up ask the doc. I dont know what else to say

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