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Pregnant with white creamy discharge sorry tmi?

Ok so here it goes: I am 7 days late on my cycle . My last cycle was april 29. I ve been cramping for the last week and a half but no cycle. I was sick feel like i had to vomit so i took a laxative and it still feel like but as often as before. I sometime cant use the bathroom(constipated . Im urinating alot lately. Ive been having some creamy discarge with ive been noticing but tonight i lookd at myself and i see some not alot .Ive had back aches and head aches. Could this be the sigm of something serious
already been tested for std and hiv and it (-) . I dont think it a yeast infection cuz it dont itch or smell

Yes im asking if im pregnant n is the discharge normal

You could be late with your period if ovulation was late for some reason, usually stress or illness before or around the time you'd usually ovulate. You'll only have a period once you've ovulated. Ovulation is usually preceded by a creamy discharge produced by the cervix; this substance helps keep sperm alive longer and keeps the vaginal canal a healthy ph for them, too. It usually changes to a more slippery consistency as ovulation nears.

The other possibility is that you're pregnant and the discharge may or may not have anything to do with it. Most pregnant women get a cream discharge when they're pregnant, but it doesn't usually start until a little later in pregnancy (a few more weeks at least). If you're 7 days late, you can definitely take a test.

This isn't a symptom of pregnancy although a test wouldn't hurt. If it doesn't itch or burn or smell it sounds like normal vaginal discharge.

However - being pregnant that discharge has increased and now actually has become more of my mucous plug coming out a little at a time. Ew I know!

Anyway take a test, call your doctor. Good luck!

take a over the counter pregnancy test, if you still think your pregnant after that see a doctor, actually see one either way. that does sound a bit like me when i was pregnant but u need to get checked out, if your uncofortable with doctors they have free clinics you can go to.

Abdominal cramping combined with a late period and excessive white discharge are definitely signs of pregnancy. So is frequent urination, which usually starts pretty early. If you haven't had a pregnancy test yet, I would definitely go get one.

Wow, that is some bad grammer! And I would go to the doctor if I were you. It may be a vaginal infection.

And I'm confused...are you pregnant or not? Or do you think that you are but you're not sure?

this -headache,backache and nausea are signs that something is wrong. get to the doctor ASAP. you could have a kidney infection. sounds like it. good luck

I would try a pregnancy test, because an increase in cervical discharge was the ONLY symptom I had in early pregnancy. I recommend First Response Early test. Good luck!

the discharge is called leukorhea (not sure on the spelling) and yes its a pregnancy pain in the butt, you better get ready to pee on a stick

i would take a pregnancy test just to be on safe side. if that comes out negative id make a dr appt n see what they say. are your brest tender that comes along with being prego.

congrads your pregnant

i think you are pregnant

or if you prefer

your ego is prego


are you saying your pregnant or asking?

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