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How long do people have to wait to get tested for HIV after sleeping with some one?

Between 07-2005 and 11-2005 I was having sex with this girl, well she is my ex and she had a boyfriend when we were fooling around. So in 02-03-2006 I went to get tested for STDs and HIV and everything came out ok but now I'm asking myselft should I've had waited longer to get tested or was that long eough, what do you think???

Thats long enough. I am not 100% sure, but I believe tests can detect HIV after 6 weeks.

Its about 1-3 month. You can go after 2 weeks also but I would suggest to wait more.

your good. you have nothing to worry about

should show up after 6 months, but could take longer depending on your body. Hope you're okay though and please use protection one of my friends from highschool got it from unsafe sex, it is more common than you'd think.

2 days

the HIV virus can lay DORMANT in your system for up to 10 years, so get tested regularly! whether you have symptoms or not!

former registered nursing student.

HIV can lay latent in to body for 15 or more years i would get tested every 3 months or whatever your doctor recommends

good question, but I think it's about 6 weeks after you stop having sex. So it sounds like you waited a sufficient amount of time. Be careful, use condoms and good luck!

at least 30 days. they have new mouth swab tests and it comes back in 20 min wait time. some swabs get sent to a lab and take 2 wks. then practice safe sex or abstinence. also get re-tested in 3 months! the best bet is to call your local health department or clinic!!

usually 3 months after n then 6 motnhs after tht to confirm it.

Current HIV test are able to be conducted within days of infection. So you might have waited in vain, I would suggest contacting the local free clinic. Free clinics test for HIV anonymously and freely (or a small suggested donation). Do it as soon as you can, if you have a great friend bring him along for moral support. If the test comes negative, thank you lucky starts and use protection all the time, its not worth being sick for a few minutes of pleasure. If the test comes back positive, remember that is no longer a death sentence, the clinic might also offer group support and information. Check on line for your local free clinic.

there is this new test that swipes youre mouth take it 1 day and in 2 weeks or less the results will be back, its so simple and quick i use to take them for the hell of it, just to give myself a pat on the back, cause i know of a lot of ppl who has it, when you find out that you do not have it. start protecting yourself, men dont realy care they are in it for the moment, we need to be concern of not the good feeling it gives you at the time (sex) but the pain and heartachs that it will bring latter if you turn up hiv postive, stop spreading ur legs and not protecting that precious and only pussay that you ahve, not man want hiv for dinner. neither should you. get tested and protect yourself from this happening to u sex aint fun and pleasurable if you are living with hiv or aids, think before you lay down with someone who may not be clean or even tell you if he has it,

I Worked in a LAB after retiring from a major Airline. Worked there for six years. We had wives bring in their husbands for test, and vice versa. Of course they would pay cash instead of placing a claim on their insurance. An immediate test is worthless. HIV may not devolpe for ten to fifteen years. There are many people out there with HIV, but full blown AIDS may not develope until many years later, if at all. But sooner or later it will show up. Just remember it is a "dealth sentence" .

You should go get a baseline test,to see if you are infected or not from previous girl friends before this one.

Then you should be checked every 3 months for a year and every 6 months the second year.

you have the sex relationship..... take the exam. 90% will tell you the answer. Then in 3 months take it again... and then in 3 months l. All human beings have an immune screen. So I recommend take another. And use a condom for gods sake.

Answer below from the US government National Institutes of Health

Up to 6 months they say. So, you need to go get another test just to be sure.
Some people used to say up to a year but that's not in this health document. If you want go a third time after one year.

I recall that 10 years ago they said there was a more rare and less dangerous strain more common outside of North America so be sure the tests are now for all strains. They used to let you do two types of test. This may be included in the fact sheet. See below and link. While you're at it get checked for all STDs because some may be silent.

Because early HIV infection often causes no symptoms, your health care provider usually can diagnose it by testing your blood for the presence of antibodies (disease-fighting proteins) to HIV. HIV antibodies generally do not reach noticeable levels in the blood for 1 to 3 months following infection. It may take the antibodies as long as 6 months to be produced in quantities large enough to show up in standard blood tests. Hence, to determine whether you have been recently infected (acute infection), your health care provider can screen you for the presence of HIV genetic material. Direct screening of HIV is extremely critical in order to prevent transmission of HIV from recently infected individuals.
If you have been exposed to the virus, you should get an HIV test as soon as you are likely to develop antibodies to the virus-within 6 weeks to 12 months after possible exposure to the virus. By getting tested early, if infected, you can discuss with your health care provider when you should start treatment to help your immune system combat HIV and help prevent the emergence of certain opportunistic infections (see section on treatment below). Early testing also alerts you to avoid high-risk behaviors that could spread the virus to others.

Most health care providers can do HIV testing and will usually offer you counseling at the same time. Of course, you can be tested anonymously at many sites if you are concerned about confidentiality.

Health care providers diagnose HIV infection by using two different types of antibody tests: ELISA and Western Blot. If you are highly likely to be infected with HIV but have been tested negative for both tests, your health care provider may request additional tests. You also may be told to repeat antibody testing at a later date, when antibodies to HIV are more likely to have developed.

Babies born to mothers infected with HIV may or may not be infected with the virus, but all carry their mothers' antibodies to HIV for several months. If these babies lack symptoms, a doctor cannot make a definitive diagnosis of HIV infection using standard antibody. Health care providers are using new technologies to detect HIV to more accurately determine HIV infection in infants between ages 3 months and 15 months. They are evaluating a number of blood tests to determine which ones are best for diagnosing HIV infection in babies younger than 3 months.

you should check after 3-6 months later; however, it could take longer for it to show in your body. You should definitely go back to the dr. office and ask them to retake another HIV test b/c u r worried. I suggest you do go back for blood work for HIV

Back in the 1980's the tests used to test for antibodies against the virus. It takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to develope antibodies against HIV. This is why some people used to have false negatives, because they wouldn't wait 3 months or they would have sex with other people before the end of the 3 months.
Now a days the tests are a lot more specific, and able to analyze the presence of HIV in your body sooner. For example they test for viral load.
In any case you have waited over 3 months. I think you are safe.
If you are still very worried about it go and have another test, just for your own peace of mind, but again it is most likely (98% sure) that you are fine.

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