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Will a normal blood test show signs of HIV?

If you have a blood test for a check-up, will signs of other diseases show?

With a normal blood test show signs of HIV, No! You need a specific test done blood or oral swab, that is specifically looking for HIV antibodies. The reactors in a HIV test are very specific.

So if you are saying you go to the doctor's and have blood work done will HIV show up. No is the answer.

The term "Normal Blood Test" is very misleading. What is defined as a "Routine Blood Test" is very subjective. Blood tests look at a standard subset of blood levels for indications of disease or abnormal functioning. Doctors, Hospitals, Laws and prevailing public health policy set what tests are included in the standard blood test panel. In areas of the country highly impacted by HIV infection like urban Baltimore, Maryland it is more likely an HIV test will be done. However in areas where HIV sero-prevalence is low a HIV test might not be part of the standard testing done. Also other issues like policies set by insurers and doctors offices determine what a routinee blood test includes. Finally some doctors, hospitals and others include or omit the HIV test based on age, medical history, drug abuse, marital status or other factors that raise or lower risk of being HIV positive.

All these variables suggest that the best way to get an HIV test is to ask your doctor to give you a test for HIV. It is foolish to wait until your body is ravaged with infections or your blood work numbers are so distorted that HIV infection can be considered as a causitive factor. It is vital that HIV be discovered at its earliest stages so that anti-viral drug treatment can be started soon as possible. New CDC and NIH studies suggest that starting HIV anti retrovrial treatments soon as possible extends both life spand and quality of life for people with HIV.

So given what is considered a normal blood can vary based on so many factors don't you deserve better than a crap shoot. Isn't find out you are HIV infected so you can start drug treatment and live a longer better quality of life worth the extra time, effort and pain. Ask that your normal blood test include a HIV test as well to be sure. Maybe I am out of line here but I do not think so.

There are so many different tests that can be done on blood that when you say a 'normal' blood test, it's hard to say.

Depending on where you live, I'd say no. (In fact, in some places your consent has to be given before they can test for it, so you'd know if they were testing for it.)

Typically during a routine blood test, for your annual physical for example, blood is not tested for HIV unless you or you doc specifically ask for it. If you mean 'normal' as in as far as STD testing goes, then yes, they'd test for it but in general, unless someone specifically asks for it, it isn't done.

What do you mean normal blood test? like CBC? Not necessarily unless your WBC's are already low, then the MD will probably look into it. But if you recently may of contracted it I would suggest you go get checked

yes i had a blood test done and this would show up

Yes it does

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