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False Positive HIV result while pregnant?

This is my 4th pregnancy, and I've always tested negative for HIV each time, and absolutely nothing has changed since then. I was really surprised to receive a call from my Dr letting me know that my HIV test came back "inconclusive", but showing elevated levels of something that would indicate HIV. She assured me that she sees this occasionally, a false-positive with pregnant women, especially those with multiple pregnancies. She also said that the antibodies in a pregnant woman's body can throw off test results? Has anyone had this happen to them before? Please tell me I'm not one of the 2% this happens to?!

I'm 100% sure that I'm NOT infected, that's not the issue here. I'm just worried that when I get RE-tested, if that test is more sensitive than the first so I won't go through further blood work.

If you've had this happen as well, was the 2nd test more conclusive than the 1st?

None of mine ever came back inconclusive or positive, but if your dr said she occasionally sees false-positives, I wouldn't worry, but would definately get retested.
I looked it up and it does seem like this happens. Here is one answer
Do flu vaccinations or pregnancy cause false positive HIV test results?
There are a number of factors, including recent flu vaccination and multiple pregnancies, that may make people more likely to receive a false positive result in the initial screening test for HIV, though such results are still unusual. Confirmatory tests such as the Western blot are used to distinguish between these false positives and genuine HIV infection. The risk of a false positive during confirmatory testing is extremely tiny - around 1 in 250,000 for the Western blot, for example.

What is an indeterminate Western blot result?
The Western blot test is used as a confirmatory test in the US and some other countries. This test can separately detect antibodies to various HIV proteins. If several types of antibodies are detected then the result is positive; if no antibodies are detected then the result is negative.

If the test appears to show only one or two types of antibodies then the result is called indeterminate, or inconclusive. There are two main reasons why this can happen. Firstly, it may be that the person has only recently become infected with HIV, and has not developed a full immune response. Secondly, the test may be showing a weak reaction to other antibodies unrelated to HIV.

An indeterminate result indicates that further testing is required. Either the Western blot may be repeated a few weeks later, or a different test (such as PCR) may be used.

WoW never heard of that!
I bet it is a mix up and everything will come out fine next time. do not worry.

How can you be 100% sure? You're pregnant, I would assume you had sex. .......

Hasn't happened to me, but it was a reason why many women who donate blood regularly refuse to be tested for HIV during pregnancy. 8 or 9 years ago, it was known that pregnancy created false-positives.

Hasnt happen to me

never heard of that and hun you can never be 100% of not having hiv unless you get tested like every 6 months and i have had 4 pregnancies and i have never had a + hiv test, i have been getting hiv tests done sence i was 16 and i have never had a
+ hiv test i think they just told you that so you will be calm untill you retest. im sorry but to me it sounds like you have hiv and it would be dumb not to retest wouldnt you want to know? so maybe they can protect your baby from getting it

I can't tell you the effects of pregnancy, but I can tell you false positives in everyday life do happen. My brother donated blood and received a letter telling him that he had tested positive and recommending he see his doctor. My brother was 27 years old, recently divorced and devistated. He did not see his doctor, he fell into terrible depression and waited to die for three years. Then he met a woman who he wanted to share his life with so he went to his doctor to find out how to live with HIV not die and suprisingly he was told he did not have HIV. He had received a false positive. We all have a greater appriciation for life and my brother is about to be a father for the first time. Think positive, I will pray for you and your family.

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