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How long after being exposed to hiv does it show up on a test?

How long after being exposed to hiv does it show up on a test?

It can potentially show up 6 months after the exposure.

That's why blood donated for hospital use can't be guaranteed 100% that is doesn't have hiv. When someone donates their blood, if the hiv hasn't shown up yet, the tainted blood could potentially be used for a blood transfusion. The Red Cross tries to stop this occurring by asking people donating if they have had unprotected sex in the past year, and those people who answer "yes" are not allowed to donate.

Please don't have unprotected sex. Use condoms to protect yourself.

If you are wondering if you have HIV, see a doctor so that you can set up appointments to have your blood drawn at intervals until you are sure you are not infected.

Good luck and God Bless you.
I know it must be scary, and you may get off this time, so don't put yourself through this again.


There is a 6 month "window" so get tested right away and again after 6 months so you can be more certain. Don't engage in any activity that may cause you to become re-infected or to infect another persons until you know for sure.

6-12 months. Maybe sooner.

being "exposed" to hiv? or actually acquiring the virus, if you're just exposed to HIV it's not going to show up on the test, if you've acquired it then yes it will show up on a test. now onto window period, some people say 6 months, some people said 6-12 months? where'd you get that info? 4 weeks is an efficient enough test, if you don't know if you were even exposed or not, if you know you were exposed, get tested at 4 weeks, if symptoms continue then at 14 weeks, 14 weeks is more than enough time for your body to seroconvert.

I have been reading about HIV since I put myself in a risky situation...and there is something that I dont understand and that is why some people say one thing about the window period and other people say other thing... I think that is because everybody can post information on internet, some are not doctors (like me) but Im going to tell you what someone on the aids line told to me, wich is that you will be sure (97%) that you are not infected at the 13 week if you get a non reactive results, but If you know that you were exposed to the virus you have to repeat the test 3 months later, and thats enough... good luck.

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