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Will all STDs show up in either a blood or urine test or are there any except HIV which wont ?

How is herpes tested ?

Even though you can do several tests from blood and urine, there is no one test that will prove all of them. Some test spec. require blood, while others require urine.

Chlamydia/Gonorrhea are detected by urine, where as HIV and Syphillis are only done by blood.

Herpes can only be detected by a lession examination and HPV by pap smears...

You may still be able to get checked for all by only one test, but you may not get accurate results.

Will i was told when i took my HIV & Syphillis test that all STD's would show up in etheir a Blood test and/or a Urine test!! So the answer is "YES"!! ALso you can only get the results of that test of (6) months prior to when you last had "SEX" ok!! So if you are sexually active you should get tested every (6) months ok!! Also if you want to have sex with someone you should both get tested & show eachother the results just to be safe ok!! Life is already hard so make it easy!! Take care!!
Hope that answers your question!!

90% should show up in blood or urine tests (apart from genetal herpes)

I have a question :
What if 2 lab tests(from different labs) show different results ?What is the remedy then ?

HIV will not show up in a routine test. You have to sign to have an HIV test done, and there is a special method for testing for HIV.

Each STD has specific guidelines for testing so there is no blanket test for all STDs and HIV. You need to be very specific for what tests you want and what is being done.

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    %%% I think it can lay dormant for like ten years. I know that if you've been exposed your supposed to get tested like every so often for a couple of years at least. scary stuff....%%%

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    in the u.k. all donors are screened for hepatitis b & c, hiv & syphylis.. if a result is positive the donor is informed and offered councilling and support

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