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Negative HIV Test After 2 Years?

I had a very low risk (what the health clinic and counciler called it) POSSIBLE exposure with someone I knew to be HIV-, meaning they told me, about 2 - 2 1/2 years ago. After our break-up, I did get tested and everything was fine. And I just finished another HIV test (Oraquick Swab 20 minute test) in October, which also came up negative.
I have spoken to a couple counciler's, a nurse at the doc's office AND The CDC Hotline on whether I could be considered to possible still have contracted HIV. They all stated I'm fine and now it's just nerves and I need to move on.
So I guess I'm asking if it's true? I was in a relationship with the guy for 2 years and we never had penatrative sex. Everyone tells me the test was accurate seeing I did it at the health department and I'm just having fear of letting it all go. Also, people have told me that the only way I would get a false negative would be during the "window period" when the possible antibody levels might not have built up yet.

Dare Man: Thank you for the info but the incubation period of HIV is totally false. Yes, HIV can be not detected physically for 10 years of outward appearance, yet these tests are designed to pick up the antibodies at the most at 6 months after the date of the possible exposure.

As long as you haven't had any other possible exposures in the last 6months you are HIV negative.

This is a common issue with many people, so you are not alone. Some people will test and retest and retest because they don't believe the result (whether it is positive or negative).

It is because of fear, not understanding the nature of HIV transmission, and the stigmatizing status of HIV.

You are correct. It is possible for you to have a false positive if you test in the window period. Some facts for you:
-75% of people who acquire HIV will seroconvert (make antibodies) within 17-20 days after acquiring HIV
-95% will do so by 2months
->99% by 3 months.

The balance are people who present for testing VERY LATE in the disease (immune system is damaged and cannot make antibodies as quickly as others), OR people who are undergoing immune modulation treatments (cancer chemotherapy/radiation, transplant recipients on large dose corticosteroids both of which result in an immune system that is depleted and unable to create antibodies as quickly.

Virtually all people will seroconvert by 6 months.

The HIV test they use first (ELISA) is super sensitive meaning that if there is a remote possibility of infection it will either test positive or indeterminate. A negative reading is consideded CONCLUSIVE.

So I would suggest putting that issue in the past and maintaing your health by practicing safer sex and getting screened regularly for HIV and other STIs.

below detectable level negative results happen and so do very high positives than use up all the substrate and appear negative. you may be o.k. but the incubation period for hiv is up to 10 years so keep checking yourself or let a pro test you. good luck

you are fine. It takes 3-6 months for HIV antibodies to show up. i was in the same situation as you. I was in a relationship with a man for 4 years. He was negative. But I was still paraniod. After we broke up I decided to be celibate until I get married. After a year of celibacy I went a got tested for HIV. I didn't think I had it but I wanted to be sure. The results were negative. After another year of celibacy I went and got tested again. The people at the clinic told me I had nothing to worry about but I wanted to be 100%sure. My second test came back negative. I never want to be in a position that I don't know my status again. That is one of the reasons why I am celibate. It just isn't worth the risk. Also I gave my life back to God. The bible says that sex is for marriage. Anyway you are fine. Thank God for that.

I think you are being paranoid.

you may just have alittle HIV in ya

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