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How long does the HIV(IDES) virus stay alive out of the human body?

How long does the HIV(IDES) virus stay alive out of the human body?


Not very long, the air makes it difficult to infect as it loses it's strength, Hiv is normally a fragile virus as it needs a host to survive.

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Although HIV can live outside the body for a few hours in certain body fluids, it cannot function when dry. The virus cannot infect someone unless it enters the body.

it doesnt stay alive out of the body

Do you mean "HIV (AIDS) Virus"?
Virus- An ultra-microscopic, filter-passing micro-organism, parasitic within living cells, and of which many forms cause disease in human beings.
Please see the webpages for more details on AIDS and HIV.

Viruses are not actually "alive" in the true sense, since they cannot reproduce on their own. They must "steal" DNA from a host cell, thus destroying it. Once inside the human body, an HIV virus can remain viable indefinitely, as it destroys immunization cells and therefore has no natural enemies in the body. Outside the body, it rapidly deteriorates and becomes a harmless piece of protein.

on a dry surface it does not stay alive for more than a few minutes in the correct fluid it could stay alive for hours you would have to have a open wound to contract it however hepitis can stay infectious for days in a dried spot of blood

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