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Is it possible to get HIV virus while using a condom..?

Is it possible to get HIV virus while using a condom..?

It is possible to get the HIV virus from oral sex, a**l sex, deep kissing, and regular intercourse. If you think you may have been exposed, please go to your local Health Dept and get a baseline test done now!! Then have another test done in 3 and 6 months! Better to be safe than sorry, and please be careful!!


Yes if the condom breaks, it is as you are not wearing one at all, or if the condom has a hole in it the same thing applies... Good luck!

Well the first thing you have to ask is whether your partner even has HIV, but yes because there is always that slim chance that the condom won't work.

yes a condom is not foolproof but it works 98.7% of the time so USE IT!!!!!!!!

yes, accidents do happen, it could ripe or something

Yes condoms are only about 98% effective. Also, they can break. The only 100% sure form of not getting HIV is abstinence. Also, you should make sure your partners are tested regularly.

95% : NO

It is possible, but using a latex condom correctly will greatly reduce the risk.

if you have broken skin where blood from the vaginer can get in to, it is possible. it has to be able to enter the blood stream. hold up, I assumed you meant from straight sex. I don't know about gay sex, but I would assume the same thing, it has to be broken skin.

Yes, because there are tiny holes in the latex, too small for sperm to swim through, but HIV can pass easily through.

It depends. If the condom is a natural material that is porous or is a latex/plastic type that is torn or broken then yes. If it is a properly made latex/plastic type and remains unbroken, then no. This is assuming that there are also no cuts or other open wounds on the skin that will be in contact with your partner.

Unfortunately, yes. Condoms are not 100% either just as the other types of protections are explained when being used. It just tends to be the protection that more people are more comfortable with especially with last minute opportunities.

if u use properly it protect 99%. but be sure your partner don't have it. life is more important than sex

i would of thought no you cant...unless like every one else said it splits why dont you use 2 condoms (haaaaa) to be on the safe side.

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